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7198435500 7198439902 Sanford County Store 7192744141 Manassa Market 7198439904 Rocky Mountain Food 7198435124 Cordova Turquoise 7198435198 Silver Fox Turquoise 7198435241 Destiny Pewter 7198430202 Miller Inc 7192744045 7198430321 7198435855 Ambulance Service 7192745121 Manassa Police Depart 7198435207 La Jara Fire Depart 7192745886 Conejos County Hosp 7192745121 Manassa Town Hall 7198435207 Church of Jesus Christ 7198435200 Church of Jesus Christ 7192745379 2745302 Conejos Medical Clinic 7192746000 Conejos Medical Clinic Virginia 7192746000 La Jara Dental Clinic 7192748948 Conejos County Nursing Ser 7192744307 SLV Mental Health Center 7192745154 Colorado Catch 7192744058 SS Camp Ranch 7198435172 Jack Dempsey Museum 7198435207 Sowards Monument 7198430707 Sego Springs State Wildlife Conejos County Library 7192745858 Conejos County Library 7193765904 Manassas most famous figure was heavy weight boxing champion Jack Dempsey who left the community to make Vals Place Abes Place SuddNly Susans Sabrinas Salon St Josephs Parish 719 Manassa is a town in Conejos County The community was named after the biblical figure Manasseh elder son of Joseph and founder of chief tribe of Israel a life outside the San Luis Valley He won the heavy weight championship in 1919 after knocking out Jesse Willard but lost it to Gene Tunney in 1926 A museum in his honor dedicated in Manassa in 1966 is housed in the cabin in which Dempsy was born Manassa Sanford Colorado Restaurants Retail Shopping Barbers and Spas Emergency 911 House of Worship Medical Clinics Attractions Wifi