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amily Restaurant 7196720211 Caf Rosa Mystica 7196723550 Piccadilly Circus Pizza 7196720340 7196723842 R R Supermarket 7196723346 7196723351 Convenience Store 7196724461 Family Dollar 7196720377 Full Circle 7196723143 Ambulance Service 7196724271 Police Department 7196723210 Fire Department 7196723302 Costilla Cty Office Emer 7192060893 San Pablo Presbyterian Church 7196720105 Sangre De Cristo Catholic 7196723685 Church of Jesus Christ LDS 7196721042 7196723500 ValleyWide Health Systems 7196724406 Ernesto Pacheco Dental Clinic 7196723502 San Luis Visitor Center 7196723002 San Luis Cultural Center 7196723611 Shrine of the Stations of the Cross Sanchez Lake Costilla County Public Lib 7196723309 Ozunas F T Anas Restaurant Durans Sonias Jehovahs Witnesses Vfrgtb San Luis was officially established on 1851 by Hispanic settlers from Taos New Mexico San Luis is the oldest town in the state of Colorado The original village was named after the Catholic Saint A picturesque little town it lies at the mouth of the valley of the Ventero at the foot of Culebre Peak San Luis was part of the Sangre de Cristo Land Grant originally owned by Carlos Beaubien Carlos Beabuien was also one of the original grantees of the Maxwell Grant San Luis San Acacio Colorado Restaurants Retail Shopping Barbers and Spas Emergency 911 House of Worship Medical Clinics Attractions Wifi