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Oasis 7196552884 Dessert First Kitchen 7196550113 Kitchen 7196552360 Saguache Town Market 7196552616 Green Earth Inc 7196552655 Always Azul Pottery 7196550101 Family Market 7196552885 Wigwam Hairstylist 7196552567 Country Rose Beauty Parlor 7196552506 Emergency 7196552525 NSCAD 7196552206 7196552525 Saguache County Jail 7196552838 Pitkin Ave Baptist Church 7196552641 Saguache County Clinic 7196552533 Saguache Clinic 7196552531 Moffat Family Health Ctr 7192564025 San Luis Valley Campground 7196552444 Ute Theatre 7196556300 Saguache County Library 7196552551 Valley View Hot Springs 7192564315 Saguache County Museum 7196552557 Saguache Cty House Museum 7196552488 Saguache County Library 7196552551 southern terminus of the Rio Grandes narrow Giuseppe Garibaldi The towns name was changed to the less political Villa Grove on It means Water at the Blue Earth mining the Mack Truck Co and is credited with the famous Million Dollar Highway Lorettas Country Sheriffs Office The town of Garbaldi was established by the Denver Rio Grande Railroad in 1870 The town served as the gauge Poncha Pass line from 1870 to 1890 The town was named for Italian revolutionary January 19 1872 Saguache is a Ute Indian name pronounced Sawatch It was settled in 1867 by Otto Mears who started his fortune with the first toll road above Poncha Pass Otto invested in railroads Villa Grove Saguache Colorado Restaurants Retail Barbers and Spas Emergency 911 House of Worship Medical Clinics Entertainment Attractions Wifi