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Old West Caf 7193792448 7193793357 AllGon Pizza 7193792222 Silver Sage Steakhouse 7193793600 San Marcos 7193795390 Ute Creek Station Coffee House 7193793003 Fort Market 7193793482 Post Commissary 7193793518 El Dorado Store Liquor 7193793443 Red Rock Store 7193794612 Tumbleweeds Gift Gallery 7193794149 Dream Styles Hair Nails 719379 Klassy Productions 7193793441 Costilla Ambulance 7193790190 Blanca Fire Department 7193793461 Police Department 7193793810 Fire Chief 7193793603 City Hall 7193793461 United for Christ Community 7193793949 Valley Gospel Ctr 7193793670 Ft Garland Catholic Church Blanca Catholic Church Community Center 7193793450 Fort GarlandBlanca Library 7193793451 Fort Garland Museum 7193793512 7193793512 Los Caminos Antiguos 7193793500 Trinchera Ranch 7193793263 Smith Reservoir Ft Garland LibComm Ctr 7193793450 7193798646 Ute Creek Station Coffee house7193793003 Dels Diner Pikes Stockade Lus Caf Fort Garland was established in 1858 and was designed to protect settlers in the San Luis Valley which was the Territory of New Mexico The fort was named for General John Garland commander of the Military District of New Mexico Colonel Kit Carson and New Mexico volunteers were stationed here in 1866 and he successfully negotiated a treaty with the Utes in 1867 The Ninth Cavalry was stationed here between 1876 and 1879 In 1876 these troops were called to the La Plata region to prevent conflict between the Utes and white prospectors In 1879 United States military units from Fort Garland were called upon by Nathan Meeker the Indian Agent at the White River Agency Meeker and others were killed and family members taken captive by unhappy Utes The captives were released and the Utes were moved once again which reduced the need for a fort Fort Garland was abandoned in 1883 but survives now as the Fort Garland Museum Blanca Fort Garland Colorado Restaurants Retail Shopping Barbers and Spas Emergency 911 House of Worship Entertainment Attractions WiFi