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Wagon Wheel Saloon 7192740144 7192745163 El Vallecito Restaurant 7192740707 Essenhaus 7192743143 Wild Hog BarBQue 7192740868 7192745896 Hometown Food Market 7192745453 Winco 7192744180 Chiefs Texaco 7192745587 Circle K Mill 7192740157 Famil Dollar Store 7192743208 Conejos County Library 7192745858 Conejos County Library 7193765904 Roberts Hair Salon 7192743408 Hair Affair Beauty Salon 7192745326 Ambulance Service 7192745121 La Jara Police Depart 7192745886 La Jara Fire Depart 7192745886 Conejos County Hosp 7192745121 United Church of La Jara 7192745250 Church of Jesus Christ 7192744032 Mennonite Church 7198435118 7192745304 La Jara I Ward Bishop 7192740620 Conejos County Library 7192745858 Rio Grande National Forest 7192748971 Conejos County Arena Com 7192740189 Capulin Volcano 719274 Conejos Medical Clinic 7192746000 Conejos Medical Clinic Virginia 7192746000 La Jara Dental Clinic 7192748948 Conejos County Nursing Ser 7192744307 SLV Mental Health Center 7192745154 Family Dollar Store 7192743208 Mary Kay Cosmetics 7192745953 La Jara is a town in the central San Luis Valley whose mostly Hispanic population is descended from pioneers who came into the area in the early 1850s to settle on the Sangre de Cristo and Conejos Land Grants This is still primarily a ranching cattle and sheep and farming area with most business activity happening these days in Alamosa about 15 miles to the northeast But once upon a time La Jara was a thriving little community Anns Caf Jacks Market St Josephs Parish La Jara Colorado Restaurants Retail WiFi Barbers and Spas Emergency 911 House of Worship Attractions Medical Clinics Shopping