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Desert Sage Restaurant 7192564402 Matthews 7192565020 Global Spirit Designs 7192564959 Crestone General Store 7192564516 Natural Heritage Enterprises 7192564876 Woodman Janet G 7192564230 Crestone Mercantile 7192565885 Denis Neuhaus Com Sales 7192564110 New Vision Surfwear LLC 7192565665 Chameleon Clothes 7192564523 Shangrilah Stove Spa LLC 7192564768 Joyful Journey Hot Sprgs Spa 7192564328 Fire Department 7192564758 Town Hall 7192564313 Moffat Volunteer Fire Depart 7192564225 Shumei International Institute 7192565284 Haidakhandi Universal Ashram 7192564184 Free Spirit Christian Church 7192564226 Moffat Family Health Ctr 7192564598 Tiny Little Crestone Clinic 7192565118 Addante Chiropractic PC 7195399493 Challenger Golf Club 7192564856 Baca Grande Library 7192564100 DJ COOL STYLE 7194801281 Baca National Wildlife Refuge North Crestone Campground Baca Grande Library 7192564100 Shambala Cafe 7192564959 Bliss Caf 7192566400 Painted Sky Caf Bakery 7192564202 Crestone is a small village at the foot of the western slope of the Sangre de Cristo Range in the northern part of the San Luis Valley Crestone was a small mining town that was officially established on November 4 1880 after the discovery of gold in Burnt Gulch east of the town in 1879 Mining and ranching fueled the early economy of the town Today the town Crestone includes the Baca Grande and Moffat Colorado is a spiritual and new age center with several world religions represented including a Hindu temple a Zen center a coed Carmelite monastery several Tibetan centers and miscellaneous new age happenings Restaurants Retail Shopping Barbers and Spas Emergency 911 House of Worship Medical Clinics Entertainment Attractions Wifi Crestone Colorado Crestone Moffat Business Association PO Box 293 719 2564110